Spring is in the air at our bird of prey centre

Spring is in the air at our bird of prey centre

Spring is definitely in the air at our bird of prey centre, all of the daffodils in the aviary are starting to push their way to the surface.

Ellie the Eagle Owl is feeling very hormonal, every year she lays eggs in her enclosure for us. Eagle owls lay their eggs in shallow scrapes in the ground, on a rock ledge or river bank. They usually lay 2 to 5 creamy white eggs. Ellie unfortunately doesn’t have a mate of her own so the eggs will not hatch. This is because the very handsome mate we bought her a few years ago didn’t quite take her fancy and they didn’t get on so had to be separated again. However, she loves sitting on them and having a nice rest from work for a few weeks.

Willow the Great Grey Owl is approaching his 2nd Birthday now, he is proving to be a huge asset to the team, look how much he has grown in the last two years.

We will shortly be running our Spring photography workshops with photographer Jed Wee please keep a eye on the Swinton Estate website for upcoming dates.

More information about the Bird of Prey Centre can be found on our main website.